Hi, I'm
Sally Draffan

Sally, founder of The Outdoor Classroom: an enthusiast about children's education, physical and mental well-being and the outdoors. Many years of international experience working with children of all ages, contributing as children thrive when provided a fitting environment. It's my mission to promote outdoor learning, through providing educational programmes for children. I support each child's journey of discovery with a core focus on health and well-being.

Hey, I'm

I am a dance and gymnastics trainer, with a background of 5 years working with children. My goal is to inspire the next generations as much as possible on their journeys and to strengthen them with a positive mindset and to support them throughout the stages of life.

Hello, I'm

Passionate about the outdoors and have experienced some of the most challenging expeditions around the world with The Outdoor Academy. It's my mission to share my knowledge and love for the outdoors with children and families. It warms my heart seeing children embrace the outdoors as they learn, play and grow.

Hi, I am Rebecca

After completing her bachelor's in the UK, Rebecca continued her work in the education sector internationally, helping to contribute and create long lasting impacts on bettering children's lives and education.